Start blogging, get your blog up and running for free

If you want to start your own blog but you are not familiar with wordpress installation or terms like cpanel, ftp, uploading website, registering domain name and web hosting. No Problem, I will do the wordpress Installation plus will install list of plugins that I have installed on my blog (here is the list of plugins) and then will provide you the admin username/password of your blog which you later can update/change.  All you need to register me a domain name and buy me a hosting for your blog. You can get your domain name registered through,, etc (If you still need help registering your domain, let me know I will help). You can also buy web hosting from,,,, etc.

Now what I want in return, obviously as mentioned above I will do all the above for free. I will need either of the two options below

  1. Post a review of my blog on your blog which should include a backlink (a do follow link to my blog) OR
  2. Write a guest Post on my blog, no duplicate content (It can be related to freelancing, open source, SEO, blogging etc)

So do you think its a bad deal? If not then contact me via this contact form.

2 Replies to “Start blogging, get your blog up and running for free”

  1. aoa. Usman bhai you have a nice and informative web.I want to deposit fund in can you guide me how can i deposit ??

    1. AOA Zubair,

      Why do you want to deposit funds into do you want to post a project as a buyer? Secondly I have not used freelancer, although I had a profile at which has now been acquired by freelancer but still i dont use freelancer. I am using odesk/elance.

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