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Update: November 18, 2012 acquired So you may follow the following steps for other online market places like Odesk, Elance and Freelancer.

Getting your first job on VWorker is really a tough job. I say so because when you bid on projects there are so many bidders out there with excellent feedback and ratings. When you are new to the website and you have no ratings/feedback,  it takes times to get your first job. Being a buyer on I normally ignore bids with no ratings/feedback. So here are few my points what should you do to land your first job.

  1. Start with small projects, go for data entry/forum posts etc
  2. Try to bid as low as possible, when you are new to vworker your focus should be on building your profile, making your ratings and getting good feedback from the buyers rather than making money.
  3. Do post your portfolio or reference websites/projects that you have worked on other than vworker.
  4. Your bid amount should be justified according the project requirements.
  5. Your selection of words also matter a lot while making a bid, dont beg the buyer to accept your bid. Writing/Communication skills matter a lot.
  6. Dont post generic bids without reading the project description as most of them are ignored as they give buyer an impression that you have not read the project bid request. The new My no-bidding-spam guarantee feature on vworker gives the employers/buyers option to require all bidders to fully read the project before responding. So thoroughly read the project requirement, bid only if you are sure that you can do it and if you have any questions, ask the buyer/employer.
  7. Dont bid on projects which you cant do. This will result the project into arbitration and losing the arbitration will ruin your ratings/feedback.
  8. Demonstrate enthusiasm for the employer’s project in your bid.
  9. Ask specific, intelligent questions that show that you took the time to read the project and aren’t a spam bidder.
  10. Be smart with your deadlines: If you’re going to be late, let them know weeks before the deadline when you start running late so there is time for them to adjust. If you wait until the last minute, there may not be any time and you could end up losing the project and having a bad mark on your record.

Credits: Ian Ippolito

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