How to import products into Magento?

November 04, 2012 Update: The following tutorial has been updated for magento version

Follow the steps below to import products (bulk) from a csv file into Magento.

1. Go to Magento Admin > Catalog > Manage Categories and then add few categories.

2.  If you want to add extra attributes for your products then go to Catalog >Attributes >Manage Attributes and click Add new Attribute. You can also save your Attributes sets based on the attributes you have defined.

3. Then go to Magento Admin > Catalog > Manage Products and add 4-5 products manually.

4.  Then go to  your Magento Admin > System > Import/Export > Export

5. Select Entity Type > Products

6. Scroll Down and click continue to export your csv with all attributes.

7. The csv will be downloaded.

8. Open this CSV file with Open Office Calc and populate the file. When you will be populating file, consider the following points.

  • sku should be unique
  • _category will have your category name e.g Furniture. If you want to add your product to a sub category then use Furniture/Living Room.
  • If you want to add your product to multiple categories then you can add “,” comma separated e.g Shoes/Men,Shoes/Women
  • For images, first upload all your images to media/import directory using ftp. Then update “image” column in your csv file with the image names e.g if the name of the image is furniture.jpg, you will add /furniture.jpg to the image column against that product that is you will use a forward slash before the image name/extension.
  • To import multiple images,  use/create  “gallery” column in your products import CSV file.Under this column enter images name separated by semicolon ( ; ) . Please enter relative path of images  e.g.    /furniture1_1.jpg;/furniture1_2.jpg

9. After populating your csv file, copy by selecting all and then paste it in a new document and then go File and then Click Save As. Choose Save as Type “Text CSV (.csv)”

10. Choose Character Set “Unicode (UTF-8)” and “check Quote all text cells” and click Ok.







11. Then go to Go to Admin > System > Import/Export >Import

12. Select File to Import by clicking Choose File and Import Behavior “Append Complex Data” and click Check Data.

13. You will get validations results like

Checked Rows: 5035, checked entities 5035, invalid rows: 0, total errors:0

File is valid! To start import process press “import” button.

14. Press Import button to import products from the csv file.


If you get errors like

1. Category does not exists in rows: 3, 4, 6, 9, 10

Solution: If the category name is not added in the backend, add that and in your csv file you should have 1 extra space after that category name.

2. Invalid value for ‘manufacturer’ in rows: 4461, 4462, 4463, 4464

Solution: If you are using a dropdown for attributes like manufacturer or color, you might get this error, you can fix this error by adding 1 space after the Manufacturer name in the csv.

3. Images showing up on the frontend but not showing in the admin (For this read my comment below, comment no 6 posted on December 11, 2012)

If you have any questions, do leave your comments below and If you need help in importing products to your magento store Hire me on Odesk.

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  1. Hello,

    I have a big problem with my magento, hope someone could help me.

    Before I deleted my magento 1.4 I backed up the magento folder, and exported sql dump file from the database.

    Now I have a fresh new magento 1.7 with no products. How do I transfer the products from the old one? apart from the media folder, what tables should I import, or what should I do exactly? I don’t have a magento product export file, but I have a backup of the database (sql) and the old magento folder untouched.

    Thanks very much!

    1. Robert,

      Had you not deleted the old magento site, you would have downloaded the products csv file by going to
      Magento Admin > System > Import/Export > Export

      and then in your new Magento 1.7 installation, you could have imported the products csv file by going to
      Admin > System > Import/Export >Import


  2. Hi,

    I came across your blog when I was searching for a solutin for a problem updating products.

    The problem is that I am trying to update some attributes of around 1300 products in my shop. (using Magento 1.5.1 with currently two websites, all products are assigned to both websites at the moment ( and

    I exported all products using the new export function as described above. Then deleted all the columns i do need to update leaving sku and some attribute (4 in total). I also deleted for a test nearly all rows (products) and imported a file with three products for a test….good luck to my test shop: (complete magento backup installation)

    Now from this 3 products a lot of attributes a changed. Mostly the multiple select and drop down attributes (no common magento attributes, custom ones from an own attribute set) got wrong entities. For example multiple select got only got only the first value always activated and so…

    I am getting crazy about that and cannot find in the web something about this problem.

    Any idea???Sounds like you are pretty good at magento!

    Thanks in advance!


  3. Hi,
    I have one problem while uploading product attributes in import. While importing the csv, attributes what are created by myself are reset to default value.
    for example if i have cod with options yes/no . during the import this value set to NO but initially i set the value as YES.

  4. Hi,

    I’m trying to import some products into a new Magento installation from a ProStores website. I’ve matched up the fields correctly and everything seems to get imported except for the photos. I also followed your instructions and uploaded the photos to the media/import folder first and my my photo paths are “/photo1.jpg” in the CSV file. Is there anything else I might be missing? Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you.


  5. I imported products for a client, images were showing up fine on the frontend but they were not showing up in the backend.

    Searched Google and found

    In the comments, I found the solution (Comment by Nathan)

    In my csv _media_attribute_id, _media_image, _media_position and _media_is_disabled were all not set

    media_image (path to your main image)
    media_attribute_id (You can find media_attribute_id by going to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > Edit Media Gallery, you will find attribute id in your address bar e.g

    88 is the attribute id in this case.)

    media_postition (1)
    media_is_disabled (0)

    Make another csv with columns sku, _media_attribute_id, _media_image, _media_lable, _media_position, _media_is_disabled and import that and images will start showing up in the admin

  6. Well I tried to import products via the usual method in Magento (v1.7.0.2) and got nothing but errors, I finally got the import to work but no products showed in the manage product section.
    I did wanted a import with DataFlow, but I’ve had to give up the idea… Few days later I came across Store Manager for Magento that copes with the task well. And here is an article concerning the magento import:

  7. Hi,

    I am getting this error and not able to fix.

    Category does not exists in rows: 1

    Can you tell me what should i do?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Cant getting what do you mean by this stat.

    You might not have added the category in the backend.

    I am able to see that category in category list page.

    Here is error again.
    Category does not exists in rows: 1
    Orphan rows that will be skipped due default row errors in rows: 2

  9. I am a bit confused about the solution
    Solution: If you are using a dropdown for attributes like manufacturer or color, you might get this error, you can fix this error by adding 1 space after the Manufacturer name in the csv.

    What do you mean by add 1 space after Manufaturer name in the csv?

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