A complete guide to Freelancing

There are many online market places such as odesk, guru, scriptlance,getacoder, freelancer, elance and vworker but I will focus on VWorker.com and Odesk.com only. So I will be discussing how to

  • Setup profiles on vworker and odesk
  • Comparison of vworker and odesk (Arbitration/Mediation, Escrow )
  • Fixed Price vs Hourly Jobs on Odesk
  • How to use Team Room (Odesk) and RAC Time Card (Vworker) for hourly jobs.
  • How to get your first job (Tips for getting your first job on odesk/vworker)
  • Setting up payment methods (Payoneer, Moneybookers, Western Union etc)

So if you are new to freelancing, this probably will help you setup profiles, bid on projects and earn money. You can have a look at my profiles on worker and odesk.