How to withdraw money from moneybookers (skrill) in Pakistan

In order to withdraw money into a Pakistani Bank Account, You need to first add your bank account and for this go to Moneybookers(Skrill) > My Account > My Profile > LIST OF BANK ACCOUNTS and click manage to add your bank account.You will need the swift code, you can get the swift code by calling your bank for example swift code of Bank Alfalah Abbottabad is ALFHPKKA068.

You then have to verify your bank account and for this I think you have to withdraw a small amount perhaps 14$ or less and they send you a verification code with the transfer. If in case you dont get the verification code, you can visit the bank and get a bank statement of your account showing the moneybooker’s transaction. I remember I used to withdraw money from moneybookers and I never did this step. But once I wanted to withdraw amount of more than 1000$, I was asked to verify my bank account. When I contacted the moneybooker’s they sent me this email

Dear Usman Shahzada,

Thank you for contacting Moneybookers Customer Service.

We would like to offer you to verify your bank account details at The completion of the previous would increase your outgoing transaction limit with additional 15000.00 EUR, which would allow you to further make payments at our system.

Please note that we could manually complete the procedure if you provide us with a copy of your bank statement, displaying the details of a recent withdrawal transaction, instructed to the bank account, which details are due to be verified. It should correspond to the following requirements:

– Document could be a scanned paper statement or an online screen shot
– Document should provide complete bank details including bank name, account number, bank code, etc.
– Document should show bank account holder name
– Moneybookers transaction should be clearly displayed on the statement (for instance the bank withdrawal, requested on the 27th of January), the required details are the following: date, amount, currency, sender (Moneybookers) or at least Moneybookers transaction ID number.

Please upload the file via our Support Center. Simply, go to My account>>Email support>>Account/Security>>You have requested information and/or documents from me. Do not forget to enter the Ticket ID number which could be found in the subject of this e-mail.

Once we receive and review the requested document, we would be able to update the status of your bank account in the next two business days.

In addition, please note that due to processing reasons we no longer accept MasterCards that are issued in United States for uploading funds. Please excuse us for any inconveniences related. We would recommend you to use another credit/debit card or consider regular bank-wire deposit in order to credit some funds to your Moneybookers balance.

Do not hesitate to approach us, if you have further questions.

Thank you for using

Best Regards,
Customer Service

So I went to the bank and got my bank statement, highlighted the transaction and uploaded the file by going to My account>>Email support>>Account/Security>>You have requested information and/or documents from me and then received the following emails. You can see the scanned copy of my bank account here

Dear Usman Shahzada,

Thank you for contacting Moneybookers Customer Service.

We appreciate the document provided and we would like to kindly inform you that we have forwarded it to our department in charge, in order your bank account to be manually verified.

Please, note that it may take up to 48 hours for this information to be updated in your Moneybookers profile. We might get back to you in case we need any additional information.

Once the verification is completed, your outgoing transaction limit would be increased additionally with 15 000.00 EUR and your profile would be authorized for withdrawals over 1 000.00 EUR.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Moneybookers Team


Dear Usman Shahzada,

We would like to herewith gladly inform you that your bank account at BANK ALFALAH LIMITED has been successfully verified. Thus we have increased your
transfer limits and allowed all payment options with Moneybookers.

If you want to check your current transaction limits, please go to Profile > View limit.

Thank you for using Moneybookers!

The Moneybookers Team

Thats it! If you have any questions, leave me comments below.

vWorker Adds Skrill (Moneybookers) payment method and On-the-job Trials

The January release of vWorker included some great new changes.

1) Skrill/moneybookers:

As requested by our Pakistini virtual workers, Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers) is now available as a payment method on the site.  Although PayPal pays to 99% of countries and is very cheap, it is not available in a few countries, including Pakistan.  This new option gives Pakistani workers a new option to get paid (in addition to the existing methods of Payoneer direct transfer, Payoneer debit card and Western Union).

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