vWorker.com new feature “Sub Accounts”

The new feature “Sub Accounts” from vWorker.com is really what I was looking for. Now you can give access to your teams members to your company profile.  Once you add a sub account, you can then assign different permissions to that sub account e.g  your sub account can post bids, view projects, private messages, posts comments and replies etc.

The sub account will login with their own login credentials, once they login they will have an option to either Sign in as “Myself” or as a “Sub Account”.

Plus Points:

  • You can have multiple team members to access your profile/your projects and post bids and comments.
  • You dont have to share your username/password with your team members as they will sign in using their own accounts (their own login credentials)
  • When a sub account posts a comment or a bid on the main/master account, it shows Sub-account person id as well that can help to determine as which Sub Account posted the reply/comment or a bid.

Negative Points:

  • The main/master/company profile doesnt show the sub accounts and a sub account doesnt show the company you are working for.
  • When as a sub account you work on any project it wont show in your profile that you actually worked on that project, the rating will only apply to the main/master account. If we have 4-5 sub accounts working on a single project so it wont make sense that 4-5 people get ratings for that 1 project but atleast it should show in sub account that this worker also worked as a sub account on this project.

All in all its a great feature. My account on vworker (Usman Shahzada) is added as a sub account on my company account (COMSATS I.T Center).

Features that I am looking forward to have in vworker.com are

  • Profile Widgets (to add to your blogs/websites)
  • Moneybookers Payment Method (As Paypal is not available in Pakistan.)