vWorker Adds Skrill (Moneybookers) payment method and On-the-job Trials

The January release of vWorker included some great new changes.

1) Skrill/moneybookers:

As requested by our Pakistini virtual workers, Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers) is now available as a payment method on the site.  Although PayPal pays to 99% of countries and is very cheap, it is not available in a few countries, including Pakistan.  This new option gives Pakistani workers a new option to get paid (in addition to the existing methods of Payoneer direct transfer, Payoneer debit card and Western Union).

2) On-the-job trials (trialsourcing and next generation crowdsourcing):

Employers, you can now hire the best worker for your project every time…without interviewing!   Our new “on-the-job trial” feature eliminates all the guess work of trying to divine who the best worker will be, using just unreliable resumes and portfolios.  Instead the workers audition by performing a portion of the work (or all of it, if the project is a tiny one).  The best one wins a prize. Ultimately, you know *exactly* who the best worker is, instead of guessing and can then work further with them.  This is done with trialsourcing (for projects 2 days or more) and next-generation crowdsourcing (for tiny projects less than 2 days).

Our crowdsourcing is very different than competitors.  Other sites restrict your crowdsourcing to design projects and small projects.  They also burden the process with clumsy fixed pricing, which is almost always too high or too low. Ours works on every category and size of project.  And our market-based PerfectPricing(tm) uses the power of the marketplace to ensure the right price, every time.

Workers: Crowdsourcing offers top workers the chance to earn 6-10x more than they would earn in a direct outsourcing project.  If you’ve used other crowdsourcing sites and didn’t like them because of the pricing, you will love our market-based PerfectPricing mechanism. If the prize is too low, you let the employer know how much you would need to participate.  We notify them and show them your resume.  If they want your bid, they increase the prize, escrow it, and we notify you. Like all other projects on vWorker, you are guaranteed the prize, if you are selected a winner.

Click here for more information: http://www.vworkerchanges.com/2012/01/site-rollout-2011-12-29.html