Funds/Money Withdrawal methods available in Pakistan for Freelancers

Update: November 18, 2012. has acquired and now Western Union Option is no more available (Vworker offered Western Union). Neither Odesk, Elance or Freelancer offers Western Union Withdrawal method.

Update: January 03, 2011: VWorker has also added skrill (moneybookers) as a new payment method for countries where Paypal is not supported.

Since Paypal is not available in Pakistan, you can withdraw money from your Odesk and VWorker accounts using the following withdrawal methods.

Skrill (Formerly Moneybookers):

Odesk: Simply sign up at moneybookers and then go to your odesk > Wallet > Payment Methods , here you have an option to sign up for skrill (formerly moneybookers) and the other option is “Already registered with Moneybookers? Click here.”, choose the later option as you will be already signed up by now. Remember to use the same email id that you use with your odesk account. For this method you are charged $1 per withdrawal.(Additional currency exchange and commercial fees charged by Moneybookers.)

Vworker: To setup skrill (moneybookers) in vworker, login to your vworker account and then go to My Account > My registration/Settings >My Pay Option and then choose Skrill and click next. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 3$ while withdrawal fee is 2$.

By now you have added your moneybookers account as your withdrawal method, question is how to withdraw money from moneybookers, well for this you need to verify your address and then verify your bank account.  To verify your bank account you will need the swift code, you can get the swift code by calling your bank for example swift code of Bank Alfalah Abbottabad is ALFHPKKA068.

In moneybookers account go to My Account > My Profile > LIST OF BANK ACCOUNTS and click manage to add your bank account. The last time I withdrew money from moneybookers to my bank account I received the payment on 5th day. I withdrew the amount on 30th July and the amount was credited to my bank account on August 04.

Wire Transfer (PKR)

Using this method you can withdraw money from odesk directly into your bank account. For this you will need the swift code again.  To add this method go to your odesk > Payment > Payment Methods (Old Navigation) and click “Setup Wire Account”, you will be then asked for Swift Code, add swift code and click go. Now add your account number, branch name and address and account holder information. (Please make sure that you enter your name exactly as it appears on your bank account. Name mismatches can lead to delayed or failed payments.)

  • $4.99 per withdrawal in PKR.
  • Highly competitive exchange rates.
  • Direct transfer. No need to deal with 3rd party-payment providers.
  • First withdrawal is FREE!

Payoneer Debit Card

You can get an account and card by signing up through any of the payoneer partners (odesk/vworker.) Once you sign up a card will be sent to you within 28 business days. The activation process is an easy 2 step process.

1) Once you receive the card you will go online to and activate it there.

2) The process is complete once you receive your first payment from a partner. (Odesk/Vworker)

Pakistan, along with a few other countries (Angola, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Turkmenistan and Sao Tome and Principe) was listed by the US government as carrying an increased level of risk and having strategic Anti Money Laundering (AML) deficiencies. Payoneer still offers its services in Pakistan (unlike many other payment providers) and to comply with the new regulations Payoneer requires a copy of your government photo ID.(Please use the same ID that you provided during the registration process.) However, offering this special service requires them to adjust some of their fees, to cover their cost of addressing the increased level of risk. Thats why the enhanced service to Pakistan and few other countries incurs an activation fee of $24.95 that will be charged as soon as funds are loaded to the new card.

Once you have activated your Payoneer Card, there will also be a Monthly Maintenance Fee of 3$. Payoneer Card is a debit card and can be used at ATMs, at stores and online.

Payoneer Card Limits:
The daily ATM withdrawal limits is $2,500.
The daily purchase limit (at stores/online) is: $2,500
Total daily spending limit – $5,000

On minimum withdrawal amount is 50$ while odesk withdrawal to Payoneer  is 20$

Western Union

I dont personally recommend this method as this is very costly. This method is available in When you withdraw money using this method you are charged $10.00 Processing and/or postage fee by After that Western Union”s sending/conversion fee will also be deducted from the amount.

To claim your Western Union payment, you will need to go to your nearest Western Union office (see for locations) and give them the following information:

Sender’s Name: Exhedra Solutions Inc.
Sender’s Address: 1209 La Brad Lane;Tampa, Florida 33613;United State of America
Sender’s Phone #: (813) 908-9029
Money Transfer control (MTCN) #: (Your MTCN No here)
Other wire details

You will need a copy of your CNIC and your MTCN No to collect the money. Western Union rates are

<= 123 $15
<= 230 $22
<= 334 $29
<= 444 $34
<= 551 $43
<= 682 $50
<= 813 $56
<= 945 $62
<= 1084 $68
<= 1343 $83
<= 1594 $92
<= 5000 $100
Others $125

So if you are withdrawing suppose 550$ from via Western Union you will end up getting 550$- $10.00 (Processing and/or postage fee 43$= 497$


77 thoughts on “Funds/Money Withdrawal methods available in Pakistan for Freelancers”

  1. dear usman, can you tell me please if someone has freelancer account and send money to his account, what is the simple way to do so if he has no moneybookers account and living in hostel life so that moneybookers account is not possible for him to open? and if anyone outside the county has its moneybookers account can he transfer money to my account(local account) in pakistan, I mean any account in pakistani bank?

  2. Khawar,

    You can transfer money from moneybookers to moneybookers as well, if you sign up for moneybookers account and then add your local bank account to it, if someone transfers you money from moneybookers to your moneybookers account you can withdraw it to your local bank account

    VWorker also offers payment via Western Union. Western Union is not available in odesk. I am not sure about (Do you mean account by freelancer account or you mean any of the freelance website’s account?)

    Paypal is not available in Pakistan.
    You live in hostel? dont you have internet access over there?

  3. Would wire transfer not be a better option than moneybookers? This way you take out the third-party. Moneybookers would charge you service fees anyways on top of $1. So you could wait till you have a sizable amount in oDesk and then just get the money wire transferred by paying only $5. Any comment?

  4. Dear Usman,

    Which account we need to sign up on money booker. it should be business one or personal account to withdraw money from Odesk.

    Shoaib Ahmed

  5. Hi Usman,

    Your blog is really helpful as always.

    I am an Odesk contractor. I need a little bit of your help. Actually I recieved my first test payment of $14 dollar in my account at Bank AlHabib using MoneyBookers. Now I have a bit huge transactions and Bank AlHabib is asking for some invoice for proof/clearance of the payment. What type of document do I have to provide them and where I can get that?

  6. @Saeed here is a copy of your email


    Actually Bank AlHabib was asking for invoice/proof/reason for the payment as per State Bank of Pakistan policy. So first I got the prints of my weekly timelogs to the bank and they said that it is not anyhow linking to moneybooker payment.
    There was just no clear remittance information on the SWIFT transaction slip. There was only a code as remittance info i.e., “TRN xxxxxxxxx” where x is a number.

    Then I used a shortcut and it worked out. I logged into > my account > History and opened All Transactions. What I came to know was that ‘xxxxxxxxx’ number on SWIFT transaction slip was the ID of that moneybooker withdrawal transaction. Then there was a Reference ID parallel to that field. Then I logged into > wallet > transaction history and I found that the Reference ID on moneybookers was linking to the same oDesk withdrawal transaction.

    I just printed those 2 webpages and my problem was solved. Bank accept them as a proof. HUH!!!

    This is perhaps a funny story.. and I felt like 007 after this incident.. lol 😀

    The worst thing is that, transaction through Bank AlHabib causes a deduction of $25 on each transaction perhaps due to an intermediary bank JP Morgan. :'(

    Kindly let me know which bank provides the payment transfer without such deductions because I am not going to use Bank AlHabib for this purpose next time.


  7. @Saeed

    I am using Bank Alfalah Limited, Abbottabad for my Odesk/Moneybookers withdrawals, they never asked me for any proof nor do they deduct 25$ on each transaction.


    Usman Shahzada

  8. dear usman,

    currently i am using odesk but my account is not verified by odesk. there was a messege that ( your name does not match your account ) what i do? i have also submits my documents for my identification but still same problem.
    Kindly help me brother

  9. Amdad,

    Where do you get this message?
    Your name does not match your account

    Are you using the same name on odesk as it is on your CNIC? Which documents did you upload to get your odesk verified?

    Also can you send me the screenshot of the message you are getting on my email usmanshahzada (at)

  10. Dear usman, plz let me know if i send money from USA using moneybookers to my pak bank account how much ‘d it cost me ?
    How can i upload funds to my moneybookers account? do i need to add the USA account and also the Pak bank account.As i want to upload funds to my USA account and then transfer it to my pak bank account. how can i do it and what r the requirments and charges for this plz let me know soon
    Awaiting your reply


  11. @Yasir

    Well United States is not in the list of 30 countries where Local Bank Transfer is available

    So you are left with credit card option only

    And to withdraw money into a Pakistani Bank Account, You need to first add your bank account and for this go to Moneybookers(Skrill) > My Account > My Profile > LIST OF BANK ACCOUNTS and click manage to add your bank account.You will need the swift code, you can get the swift code by calling your bank for example swift code of Bank Alfalah Abbottabad is ALFHPKKA068.

    You then have to verify your bank account and for this I think you have to withdraw a small amount perhaps 14$ or less and they send you a verification code with the transfer.

  12. AOA,

    @Usman Shahzada, thank you very much for your quick response to my emails. I have just another quick query.

    Is it possible to transfer payment from moneybookers to Bank Alfalah BBA account?

    Thanks in advance.


  13. Aoa,
    I recently started working on odesk and set up wire transfer to AlFalah Islamabad. The transaction history shows that I have received two payments $7 and $20 but when I checked my account balance, this money was not credited.

    I called the bank and they said I need to show them the SWIFT message sent to me by odesk but I have not received any such message. Need you help!!

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  14. hello sir
    i have $ in money booker but i cant withdraw in my bank account because they send me verification letter almost 3 weeks ago and i did not get it yet . as paypal does not work in pakistan so i want to use moneybooker as available option. can u please guide me how can i withdraw amount other than in my account or any trusted people selling buying moneybooker.

  15. @Sana

    Wire Transfer takes probably 3 working days. Did you correctly add your bank’s swift code and account no? When did you withdraw money using Wire Transfer? Please check back again and allow 3-5 days and the payment should be credited to your account.

    @Muhammad Hinan
    Visit your bank and get a copy of your bank statement showing moneybooker’s transaction. Contact moneybookers support to manually verify your bank account and then scan your bank statement and upload it
    By the way did you withdraw a small amount to verify your bank account coz they send you the verification code with the transfer.

  16. Hi Usman,
    I have an issue.
    Lastly when I withdrew amount to my bank via Skrill I was able to get it directly.
    Now even my bank account is registered still they are asking me that verification required and withdraw an amount less than 15$.
    I am all confused what to do now.
    I am not getting any verification code. Last time I was able to withdraw, don’t know what I am doing wrong.
    Kindly advise.

    Thank you

  17. Neda,

    Visit your branch and get your bank statement, scan the statement showing skrill (moneybookers) transaction and then contact moneybookers support to manually verify your bank account.

  18. HI USMAN,

    I am Shahzaib from karachi, i am working on, yesterday i requested to withdraw money from my moneybooker account, how much time it will take to arrive funds in my bank account? and what is the fee? please clarify me in detail about moneybooker fees? it will take percent on each withdrawl or fixed fee per withdrawl?

    waiting for reply

    thanks and best regards

  19. hi Usman
    I want to withdraw money from my odesk account using wire transfer but they are asking me remittance information.
    Kindly help me about what is remittance information and what I have to enter in the box for remittance information.

  20. AOA i am new one on odesk and want to know that whether i can receive my payment through my Alfalah ATM Card or not plez tell me through email, thanks in adv

  21. @M.Adnan

    Check your email

    Yes you can withdraw funds from odesk to your bank alfalah account and later use your Alfalah ATM card to withdraw it!

  22. Hi,
    My problem is not related to fund withdrawl but I like your problem solving style so here goes..
    I am having trouble with phone verification on odesk. I have a telenor as well as ufone number. When I apply for jobs, odesk says it has sent me a PIN number on my phone but I dont receive any 🙁
    I have tried both numbers and both options to get PIN via SMS and phone call. when I contacted customer support they reset my phone number and told me to try again. I still did not receive any PIN number 🙁

    What should I do now? I cant apply for jobs 🙁

    1. Sana!
      How are you adding your cell number? Are you adding the country code as well.. Try adding your ufone no like 0092333——-, replace 7 dashes with your no and then try again.

  23. Hey usman
    I recently withdrew money from moneybooker. They deducted $2.5 something as usual. I withdrew $193.54 and received $180.54 in my account. $13 less. I asked them about it and they said it might be charged by the intermediary bank. What can i do now? They did not mention anywhere that so much money is deducted by the intermediary

  24. @Sana

    Same here, I contacted costumer support and they reset my phone number and told to try again but I still never receive one. Up until now I am updating my ticket for this issue. I have two interviews initiated by clients that I cannot accept, one is 10 days ago and the other was 5 days ago. I don’t think this client will wait for my response, they would surely find another contractor *sigh!*.

    We can do nothing about it but to update our ticket for the issue and wait for the solution. 🙁

  25. i withdraw 102 dollor from moneybookers to bank alhabib hyderabad branch but bank deducted my 25 dollor and i only receive 77 dollor, my question is which bank in pakistan not deducted 25 dollor in transaction from moneybookers ?

  26. i would like to know that how much fee the bank deduct

    like i send 100$ from moneybookers to my bank in pakistan (eg HBL, ABL etc)

    so roughly how much amount i will recieve after deducting all the intermediate + hidden charges

  27. Salam Usman,

    I am new to freelancer work. I am working in I want to transfer my money by using moneybookers method. I have my address verified in moneybookers. I tried to open bank account in Standard Chartered Bank but they said they need a proof of freelancer work, as per new policy of State Bank of Pakistan. I contact to issue me some kind of written statement as a proof, but they said that they can not provide any kind of proof because they are online portal only. I asked them to send money through Western Union but they said they don’t send money through WU. They said to use other withdraw method- payoneer. I have searched on internet and found that because of some money issue Payoneer card is banned in Pakistan. And moreover, there are many other fees and charges applied in withdraw money from ATM in Pakistan..

    Can you please help me with the bank issue.. In which bank should I open my account so it will not ask for this and that proofs etc.. And if they ask for proof what proof can I provide them as freelancer is not providing me any kind of proof…

    Thank you.

  28. Asslamalikum! usman kia hal hai?. apki thori help chahiye thi kia ap mujhay bata saqtay hain k oDesk say Wire Transfers karnay k liya kon sa bank best hai. mera already Standard Chartered mai foreign currency accounts hai. transfer karnay say koi masla tu nai hoga?.

  29. @Ifrah,

    To open a bank account you have to provide Bank your source of income, you have no other source of income other than freelancer?

    Secondly, Payoneer is not banned in Pakistan. It was but read below

    Pakistan, along with a few other countries (Angola, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Turkmenistan and Sao Tome and Principe) was listed by the US government as carrying an increased level of risk and having strategic Anti Money Laundering (AML) deficiencies. Payoneer still offers its services in Pakistan (unlike many other payment providers) and to comply with the new regulations Payoneer requires a copy of your government photo ID.(Please use the same ID that you provided during the registration process.) However, offering this special service requires them to adjust some of their fees, to cover their cost of addressing the increased level of risk. Thats why the enhanced service to Pakistan and few other countries incurs an activation fee of $24.95 that will be charged as soon as funds are loaded to the new card.

  30. i have 160 dollor in my moneybookers account, last time i withdraw 102 dollor to bank alhabib but i receive 77 dollor in my account, i want to receive my full payment 160 dollor in my account which bank is not deducted 25 dollor. some people said bank alfalah is not deduct 25 dollor, anyone confirm ? & bank alfalah asked any proof ?

  31. Hello dear,
    i have read your all messages, i have one problem , i have activated the wire transfer method in odesk and withdraw the money in first time, it is was success and i got all that money, and i done it in second time using the same my previously activated method(wire transfer) only click on withdraw but i did not get the money yet, i did this transaction on 16/july/2012 and today is 23/july/2012 and i did not get yet any thing, there is a email i got that is clearly telling me that you will get the money till 20july . so what i do now any suggestion. banks peoples are telling me we donot know any thing about it.


  32. Ashoke,

    When I first withdrew money from moneybookers, i think it took around 11 days. Now a days when I withdraw money from skrill (moneybookers) I get it the next day. I personally havent used Wire transfer yet but I will say that allow 2-3 more days, hopefully you will receive the payment!

  33. Hi usman. i’m working on odesk and i’ve a transaction on 10$ pending for today means 27th,july. please let me know that how can i get my money in my account at HBL. Thankyou!

  34. Hello Usman brother. The worst thing i noted in my last transaction is moneybooker is charing 4% of total amount you trasfered from elance . this is a worst thing. if i send $1000 so approx $40 they charge and  $2-3 for witdraw to bank.. and if we talk about local wire transfer they charge 5$ fix amount . i think it will be best for big transaction . have you ever used it ? what you said ? i am thinking to use it from ABL .

  35. dear sir mera name sirf haroon ha aur last name nahi ha ma ne skrill ma last name b haroon lik deya agar ma skrill ko bank acount ke sat tuch kar do name ka masla to nahi ho ga bank ma mera name sirf haroon ha plz bata de kaya karo

  36. You can also Withdraw money Easily From payoneer card in Pakistan Through ATM Machine MCB and Standard Chartered BANK Work Perfect.I don't know other bank ATM work good or not



  37. Thank you for the information, it's really helpful. I have a question to which I need a correct reliable answer and I'll be grateful for your contribution. How much does a local pakistan bank (eg. Meezan Bank and Bank Islami) charge as conversion fee from USD to PKR, sent from moneybookers/skrill? Is it any fixed rate for all banks, or is there no conversion fee that the bank takes? How much is deducted from the original payment sent? Please let me know the deducted amount of present day transfer. Also, is the fee charged for only the first transfer or for every other transfer I do to my account from Freelancer > Skrill? Thank you, will be awaiting your reply. 

  38. Thank you very much for the information you've given Brother. I have a question that I am looking to be answered correctly. How much does a Pakistani local bank (for eg. Meezan Bank and Bank Islami) charge as currency conversion fee from USD to PKR, when an amount is sent from Skrill to the bank? What is the amount that all bank deducts from the payment sent? Or is there no conversion fee at all for the bank? Please tell the today's fix rate of the bank (any) that they charge for converting the currency once they receive the payment from Skrill before adding to our account. 
    Also if that fee is for only first time transfer or for every other transfer that I would do in future? Is it deducted every time I send money from Skrill to Bank?
    I'll be very grateful. Thanks in advance, awaiting your reply.

    1. Assad

      Well I cant tell you about all the banks and their conversion rates because I am not in the banking sector. I can tell you about ABL because I am using ABL for the withdrawals from skrill to the bank. My last withdrawal was of 1064.19$ to my ABL account and the amount credited to my account was Rs. 111,048.23. Now if you divide 111,048.23 by 1064.19$ it makes 104.35. This means the rate I got was 104.35 per US Dollar.  They were credited to my account yesterday and according to Open Market dollar rate was 104.5, so it means I got a very good conversion rate with ABL. So I recommend ABL and I hope my this does help you and makes sense.

      1. Thank you very much for this help! Last thing, could you happen to know that your very first transfer from skrill to bank account in Pak deducted any fee? Or is it always the almost same conversion rate and ABL doesn't charge any in either the first transfer, or rest following it? 

  39. I think bro pakistani bank deduct alots of money they deduct bank fees + currency conversion rate.

    I have Payoneer card  and i active this US PAYMENT SERVICE.I can easily withdraw money from Skrill to Payoneer Card after i withdraw funds in Pakistani Atm Machine easily No pakistani bank account needed.this is the best way to withdraw funds from SKRILL…

  40. hi usman, i have started online work on Freelancer and i want to use wire transfer for my payment. could you please help me that how i will select this mood of payment on freelancer website.

  41. Dear Usman,

    Please tell me about eprepaynow visa debit card. whyther it is reliable or not to make an account in.


    1. IBAN is "International Bank Account Number". It is a 25 digit number which consists of your bank swift code and your own personal account number. Call your bank branch, they will tell you your IBAN without any problem. If you have a bank statement (not older than 6 months), IBAN will also  be written on it.

  42. how i upload my funds from my bank account to money bookers account. should i need a foreign currency or a PKR account? which bank is good?

  43. Hi,

    I am user.
    I’ve recently requested for wire transfer. Also have given full details about my bank account. My request has been processed and the amount is deducted from my freelancer account. I wanted to know that how many days it will take to transfer to my local account.
    PS. I am using Habib Bank Limited.


  44. hi,

    i have recently started work on people per hour, what i want to know is that: bank transfer does pph transfer money in pkr or in usd into your account?

    2.i will transfer the amount into my dad's account which is a current account in ubl, is that possible or do i have to have a foreign currency account? there any kind of tax if i recieve the amount in usd?

    4. what is BIC?

    5. how much does UBL deduct as fees?

    thank you.


  45. Hi Usman,

    I have created an account on Moneybookers (, I also have my brother's Paypal account. I get all money in Paypal currently. If you could please tell me if there is any way that I can transfer Paypal money to my Skrill account. If this is possible than please also tell me do I need to open a foreign currency account or I can use the same PKR account.

    Thank you 

  46. want to question about elance and odesk payment system to bankalfalah I m working on.odesk and elance both Lakin odesk Ki payment mujhe hamesha 2 din me mil jatain.hain or elance k mujhe kabhi 15 din me milte hain kabhi 7 din kabhi 18 din me Milte hain or dono pe Mera same bank account address ha ab samajh Nahi Araha odesk kase jaldi bhej deta ha or Jab mujhe payment 10 din tak wasool Nahi ho Rahe the to ma ne elance support team se contact Kia or receipt onho ne mujhe Dia Jab read Kia to likha tha k elance pehle habib bank bhejta ha or Phir habib bank Mere bank address pe send karta ha ye Kia waja ha kia elance directly bankalfalah ko payment send Nahi karsakta wire transfer to hoga bankalfalah k pas zaroor is Lia to.odesk k payment jaldi mil jatain hain. Mujhe yakeen ha ap zaroor kuch Hal nikalenge

  47. hello sir, please do let me know which option to choose in CURRENCY OPTION while creating an account on . i Have recently joined freelancing site (Upwork and and also please do help me out on how to withdraw money from skrill website. ThankYou

  48. After axact scandal, my bank , alfalah bank is asking for proof / purpose of remmittance.

    They have cancelled and returned one of my remmittance, saying that they will not allow remmittances and want purpose of remmittance to be mentioned.

    Also they said soemthing to be registered with state bank as software exporter and then they will allow payments, else they will simply not acept it.


    please advise.


  49. I recently widthdraw 20$ from elance in local currency on 20th, Oct. Elance sent me email saying that 1994 PKR will be sent. My bank account is in ABL in Lahore. On 22nd Oct, widthraw request status changed to complete. Despite ABL is directly connected with SWIFT, I received 1709 PKR on 6th Nov.. Branch staff say ABL doesn't charge any fee on inward remittances. ABL's Schedule of Charges also confirms it. My questions are:

    Why did I received less money (1709 PKR. Elance sent me 1994 PKR)? Who dedcuted 285 PKR?

    Why did money reach me so late? As ABL is directly connected to SWIFT, it should not have taken more a couple of days?

    Waiting for your reply.




  50. Salaam Usman Bhai,
    main ne skrill se 139$ withdrawal kiya mera bank afalah bank account main 23 may ko , abhi tak mera bank account main deposit nahi howa hai, mera account verified hai by my CNIC or i need verify my address as well ? Please tell me bro 🙂 and i received this Email from skrill next day after Withdrawal

    Dear Hussain Bakhsh,

    Your recent withdrawal request is now on its way and should be with you soon.
    The details are:

    Amount: 139 USD
    Time & Date: 10:05, 24 May 2016 CET

    Question is that 139$ mera bank alfalah account main Deposit hoga ya nahi ? 🙂 Thanks bro

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